About Skyepass

All that separates you and your digital life from getting completely wiped out is a string of characters known as the 'Password'. The cost of cyber fraud is a staggering $200B annually. And we, the consumer, foot the bill. Passwords don't protect us anymore. It's proven every week by the headlines. As society evolves and becomes more connected this risk increases.

It's time for change...

Skyepass replaces the password with a game-changing authentication solution. Our technology combines weighted biometrics, with device security, location, and other data elements. This information is distributed across the users' devices and the cloud ensuring that only the true user can access the profile and confirm their identity.

Using a one-time architecture and delivering authentication as a service, Skyepass allows users to enroll once and use that profile to login to many enterprises. This reduces the barriers to entry and allows businesses to adopt biometric authentication where the friction of the enrollment process would otherwise make it untenable.

Until now, authentication has required a choice; easy or secure. Skyepass is both.

With Skyepass, I'm not a password, a credit card, or a device; I'm just "Me."

For more information, call Jay Bolton at (617) 834-1965 or send him an email at jay@skyepass.com.